Get Fit With NewFangled

The past few years have seen a significant upturn in the use of technology, leading to a global increase in the use of smartphones and laptops. Be it, children or adults, people of every age group, tend to sit in their homes and do not perform any physical activity.

Fitness does not mean to have a toned body after hours of intense workout. Instead, it means incorporating certain activities in your daily routine by which you can remain healthy and defend yourself from any health issues.

NewFangled Sports and Fitness is your one-stop solution to meet all your fitness related needs. We conduct different fun and fitness  programs for individuals of varied age groups. Our aim is to offer and develop quality sports and physical education for people that promote their holistic development. 

Our Programs

We run program in an attempt to make our services more user-specific.

At Newfangled Sports and Fitness, we do not follow the conventional approach of organising hardcore physical activities. Instead, we take up activities that not only better the physical health but also the mental health of individuals. Moreover, all these sets of activities are organised for different age groups and at different locations.

We believe that intense physical activities can never be the solution to fitness related issues. This is why we do not emphasise any specific martial arts or defence activities in any of our programs. Rather, we organise different activities on different days to make the process entertaining and engaging and not just a compulsion for fitness.

We conduct different activities, including taekwondo kick, karate punch, jujitsu locks, etc. Other than this, we also provide tips to individuals on remaining fit.


We run this program in different schools. In this, we give best student to coach ratio to ensure personalized training  by offering equipment to each of them. We provide them with quality physical training after conducting thorough research on their age and understanding their potential.


This program is conducted in various societies and apartments. In this, we train best student to coach ratio ensuring personalized training , belonging to different age groups. For this, we start with realising each of their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).


This program is focused entirely on the corporate sector. Through this, Newfangled pledges to bring the individuals of this sector out from their office rooms to outdoor spaces and become a part of some recreational activities.

Our Approach

NewFangled realises that every child bears a different level of potential based on his or her age. Our entire curriculum is formulated to enable individuals to take up their responsibility for their health and fitness. We work to create an environment that fosters a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for the same.

Our Fun and Fitness program is devised to address specific age groups and is segmented into three unique groups: